source responsibly. cook beautifully. live well

At Saké Jr, we’re taking Japanese influenced flavours and creating food that is not only simple, quick and delicious but also nutritious and nourishing so you can eat well and live well.

Our ethos is simple – Japanese food cooked beautifully and made fresh every day in our open kitchen.

We source responsibly using only quality ingredients, sourced locally and in season from farmers and growers we know and trust where possible.

We use sustainable recycled packaging to act respectfully to our environment to ensure the world is a more sustainable environment.

the menu

From 11 am each day, our versatile ‘build your own bowl’ puts you in charge. From the protein to the garnish, it’s all up to you. Short on time? Grab and go from our house-made noodle, sashimi or poke salads and a freshly brewed iced tea. Or if you are looking for something extra special try our Made to Order Menu offers up Japanese Fried Chicken with yuzu sesame sauce or a sizeable dollop of Gochujang sauce for a serious kick.

At Grosvenor Place, you can also try delicious bowls of traditional Japanese ramen noodles: a full-flavoured broth with noodles, strips of juicy protein, delicate wakame and a soft-cooked egg. Perfect washed down with an ice-cold beer, chilled saké or a Saké Jr cocktail.

Looking for something week to eat? Don’t go past our house-made dessert; Yuzu Cheesecake!

a word from chef neil perry

“The level of skill and dedication to quality produce inherently in Japanese cuisine is something I have long admired. It is not unusual for decades to go into a chef’s training. They are taught to show the same attention to detail and respect for the most prized piece of tuna as they will a humble carrot. While the preparation of a dish is simple, it is precise, and usually involves only a handful of components, allowing each ingredient a voice. The result is clean, light and balanced dishes that manage to be both restrained and yet full of flavour. It is no surprise Japanese cooking is among the healthiest in the world.” – Neil Perry AM

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